Author: Douglas Taurel

How to Handle Failure

How to Handle Failure Being an actor unfortunately means that you will experience failure.  I have experienced failure, stars have and you will also as you move along your journey as an artist.   It’s part of the game and if you’re not failing, then you are not trying. At the end of the day failure is simply feedback. You will experience rejection and you will have tough moments in your career when you feel like you royally messed up. Maybe you lost your lines at an audition or simply didn’t’ perform well, however you should always remember that...

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How To Take Care of Yourself As An Actor

Eating healthy, eliminating sugars out of your diet and adding exercise to your routine will have a dramatic effect on your confidence and how you feel as a performer. The more confident you are, the better you perform on screen and on stage and the more productive you are.

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How to Find Happiness As an Actor

Success and happiness come to us when we remove our egos and focus on our effort and to do the work: becoming better storytellers, being prepared and creating as many opportunities for ourselves as we can. When we do that, that is enough and success will follow. We tend to let our egos dictate how success is defined for us. Ego has us comparing ourselves with others, hence IMDb’s star meter. When we let go of our egos and only judge ourselves by the amount of effort we have put into our careers, we begin to take control of...

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How to Find Clues in a TV & Film Audition Scene

While there are many ways to break down a TV & film audition scene, I want to walk you through a few quick and easy things to spot, circle and focus in on that will help unlock the scene for you and provide a roadmap for how to play it. When you see the words, but, if, and, ok, or, so, which or what, notice them, focus on them and circle or highlight them. Why? When you see these words, think of them as gear changers in the scene and indicators of how the writer is having the characters think. These words unintentionally provide insight into how we should...

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